Publications en 2016

1.Les Publications écrites

Ecologie et biodiversité

  • Rahendrimanana J.C., Ratsirarson J., Rasamimanana N., Efitiria & Ranaivonasy J., Suivi de l’avifaune de Bezà Mahafaly. Malagasy Nature, 10 : 63-75.
  • Ranaivonasy J., Ratsirarson J., Rasamimanana N. & Efitiria, 2016. Dynamique de l’herpétofaune de Bezà Mahafaly. Malagasy Nature, 10 : 51-61.
  • Razafintsalama M.H., Ramamonjisoa B.S. & Rabemananjara Z.H., 2016. Site éducationnel et écotouristique SAHA Maintsoanala : premier portail pour les lémuriens de l’Est et un exemple pionnier en matière éducationnelle, Akon’ny ala 33: 56.
  • Richard A., Ratsirarson J., Jaonarisoa E., Mahereza S., Youssouf Jacky I.A., Sauther M. & Fiorentino I., 2016. Diurnal lemurs at Bezà Mahafaly: Resilience and risk. Malagasy Nature, 10 : 37-49.
  • Richard A., Ratsirarson J., Jaonarisoa E., Youssouf Jacky I.A. , Fiorentino I., Ranaivonasy J., 2016. Mammalian biodiversity at Bezà Mahafaly: An update. Malagasy Nature, 10 : 25-35.

Economie et politique de gestion des ressources naturelles

  • Mansourian S., Razafimahatratra A., Ranjatson P., Rambeloarisao G., 2016. Case Report Novel governance for forest landscape restoration in Fandriana-Marolambo, Madagascar, World Development Perspectives, 3: 28-31.
  • Poudyal M., Ramamonjisoa B.S., Hockley N., Rakotonarivo O.S., Gibbons J.M., Mandimbiniaina R., Rasoamanana A. & Jones J.P.G., 2016. Can REDD+ social safeguards reach the ‘right’ people? Lessons from Madagascar, Global Environmental Change, 37:31–42.
  • Rabemananjara Z.H., Andriamanankasinarihaja S.R., Aubert S., Ramamonjisoa B.S., Rakotoarisetra F.N., 2016. Les limites juridiques et institutionnelles de 25 ans de Gestion Communautaire des Ressources Forestières (GCRF) à Madagascar, «L’association des acteurs à la gestion des forêts d’Afrique centrale : vers de nouvelles perspectives », pp93-108.
  • Ramamonjisoa B.S., 2016. Madagascar’s Mismanaged Environment
  • Ranaivonasy J., Ratsirarson J., Mahereza S., Richard A.F. & Randrianandrasana A.W.S., 2016. Gouvernance de la Réserve Spéciale de Bezà Mahafaly, Malagasy Nature, 10 : 93-102.
  • Ranaivonasy J., Ratsirarson J., Rasamimanana N., Randrianandrasana A.S., Ramahatratra E., Efitroarany & Richard A.F., 2016, Dynamiques socio-économiques et utilisation des ressources naturelles dans la Réserve Spéciale de Bezà Mahafaly et ses environs, Malagasy Nature, 10 : 77-91.
  • Randriamalala J.R., Andrianarisoa J.H., Raoliarivelo L.I.B., Masezamana H.N., Radobarimanjaka R. & Ehrensperger A., 2016. Gestion de pâturage des petits ruminants en zone semi-aride de Madagascar, cas de la commune rurale de Soalara-Sud, Toliara II, Akon’ny ala 33 : 31‐38.
  • Stoudmann N., Garcia C., Randriamalala I.H., Rakotomalala V.A.G. & Ramamonjisoa B.S., 2016, Two sides to every coin: farmers’ perceptions of mining in the Maningory watershed, Madagascar, Madagascar Conservation & Development, 11(2):91-95 DOI: 4314/mcd.v11i2.3

Gestion de l’eau et des sols

  • Rasamimanana N., Ratsirarson J., Ramahatratra E., Ranaivonasy J. & Richard A., 2016. Variabilité et changement du climat à Bezà Mahafaly, Malagasy Nature, 10 : 15-24.

Sciences du bois

  • Ramanakoto M.F., Andrianantenaina A.N., Ramananantoandro T. & Eyma F., 2016. Visual and visuo-tactile preferences of Malagasy consumers for machined wood surfaces for furniture: acceptability thresholds for surface parameters, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, doi:1007/s00107-016-1098‐y
  • Ramananantoandro T., Ramanakoto M.F., Rajoelison L.G., Randriamboavonjy J.C. & Rafidimanantsoa P., 2016. Influence of tree species, tree diameter and soil types on wood density and its radial variation in a mid-altitude rainforest in Madagascar, Annals of Forest Science, 73(4) : 1113–1124.
  • Randriamalala R.J., Radosy H.O., Razanaka S., Randriambanona H. & Hervé D., 2016. Effects of goats grazing and woody charcoal production on xerophytic thickets of southwestern Madagascar. Journal of Arid Environments, 128:65-72.

Sylviculture et aménagement

  • Andriamananjara A., Hewson J., Razakamanarivo H., Hary A.R., Ranaivoson N., Ramboatiana N., Razafindrakoto M., Ramifehiarivo N., Razafimanantsoa M.P., Rabeharisoa L., Ramananantoandro T., Rasolohery A., Rabetokotany N. & Razafimbelo T., 2016. Land cover impacts on aboveground and soil carbon stocks in Malagasy rainforest, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 233 : 1-15.
  • Jones T.G., Glass L., Gandhi S., Ravaoarinorotsihoarana L., Carro A., Benson L., Rakoto Ratsimba H., Giri C., Randriamanatena D. & Cripps G., 2016. Madagascar’s Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems, Remote Sensing 8:106, DOI:3390/rs8020106
  • Jones T.G., Rakoto Ratsimba H., Carro A., Ravaoarinorotsihoarana L., Glass L., Teoh M., Benson L., Cripps G., Giri C., Zafindrasilivonona B., Raherindray R., Andriamahenina Z. & Andriamahefazafy M., 2016. The Mangroves of Ambanja and Ambaro Bays, Northwest Madagascar: Historical Dynamics, Current Status and Deforestation Mitigation Strategy, DOI: 1007/978-3-319-25370-1_5
  • Ranaivonasy J., Ratsirarson J., Rasamimanana N. & Ramahatratra E., 2016. Dynamique de la couverture forestière dans la Réserve Spéciale de Bezà Mahafaly et ses environs, Malagasy Nature International journal on the natural history of Madagascar and the neighboring islands (the Mascarenes, Seychelles, and Comoros), 10 : 15-24.
  • Randriarimalala J. & Randriamalala R., 2016. Dynamiques post-culturales des fourrés xérophiles sur dalle calcaire du plateau de Belomotse, Toliara II, Atsimo Andrefana, Akon’ny ala 33: 19‐30.
  • Razafimahatratra A.R., Ramananantoandro T., Razafimaharo V. & Chaix G., 2016. Provenance and progeny performances and genotype × environment interactions of Eucalyptus robusta grown in Madagascar, Tree Genetics & Genomes, 12(3):1-14.
  • Vieilledent G., Gardi O., Grinand C., Burren C., Andriamanjato M., Camara C., Gardner C.J., Glass G., Rasolohery A., Rakoto Ratsimba H., Gond V. & Rakotoarijaona J.R., 2016. Bioclimatic envelope models predict a decrease in tropical forest carbon stocks with climate change in Madagascar, Journal of Ecology, 104:703–715 doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.12548
  • Zaehringer J.G., Hett C., Ramamonjisoa B.S. & Messerli P., 2016. Beyond deforestation monitoring in conservation hotspots: Analysing landscape mosaic dynamics in north-eastern Madagascar, Applied Geography, 68:9-19

2.Les Publications orales (tous thèmes confondus)

  • Andriamananjara A., Razakamanarivo H., Hewson J., Riana Hary A., Ranaivoson N., Ramboatiana N., Razafindrakoto M., Ramifehiarivo N., Razafimanantsoa M.P., Ramananantoandro T., Rasolohery A., Rabetokotany N. & Razafimbelo T., 2016.  Improved carbon storage assessment for a better REDD+ implementation in Eastern region of Madagascar. 5th International Ecosummit. Ecological sustainability: Engineering change, 29 August – 1 September 2016, Montpellier, France.
  • Chaix G., Nourissier S., Soutiras A., Tomazello Filho M., Franzol S.D., Oste L.S., Franco Pirès M., Razafimahatratra A.R., Makouanzi G.C.E., Ramananantoandro T., Rodrigues J.C., Mevanarivo Z.E. & Clement – Vidal A., 2016. Eucalyptus wood phenotyping by Near Infrared Spectroscopy for chemical compounds, basic density and moisture content. Trees4Future Final conference « Designing Trees for the Future: Data is the Cornerstone », 4 – 6 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Ramananantoandro T., 2016. The state and potential for public and private sector engagement in the forestry sector in southern Africa. Regional Workshop on Sharing Knowledge and Experiences to strengthen collaboration among stakeholders in African forestry, 26 – 30 September, 2016, Lomé, Togo.
  • Ramananantoandro T., Thévenon M – F., Belloncle C., Tomazello Filho M., Razakamanarivo H., Razafimahatratra A.R., Razafinarivo R.N.G., Mevanarivo Z.E., Rakotovololonalimanana H., Rajemison A.H., Andrisoa R.H. & Chaix G., 2016. SPIRMADBOIS project: Using NIR spectroscopy for a sustainable forest resources management in Madagascar. 2nd workshop Application of NIR spectroscopy for wood science and technology, 19 – 21 April 2016, San Michele All’Adige, Italy.